Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sioux and Tigers battle flu

According to Brad Elliott Schlossman's North Dakota blog, CC isn't the only team combating flu-like symptoms.

Among the ailing Tigers are:

--Mike Testwuide, who practiced in a non-contact jersey Tuesday, did not practice Wednesday and will not travel.

--Cody Lampl, who missed practice Tuesday and practiced Wednesday in a non-contact jersey, albeit to limited success. During CC's practice-ending routine of push-ups and sit-ups, the normally enthusiastic Lampl just sat there, slumped. But Lampl decided to travel, saying he was feeling better. He mustered a smile when I suggested the Tigers could benefit from his hard-checking presence on the small sheet. Something tells me the very prospect of getting some big hits this weekend is giving Lampl a reason to rally.

--Stephen Schultz did not make the travel roster last weekend and was laid up with the flu. "I took my fluids and got some rest," he said. The right wing said he has beat the bug and will make his collegiate debut on the fourth line this weekend.

There's nothing like the recirculating air on a plane to perpetuate illness within a team. It'll be interesting to see how everyone is feeling at the Friday morning skate, but lucky for the Tigers, this is their last road trip until Anchorage at the end of November.

Other CC players who did not make the 22-man travel roster are Tyler O'Brien, Matt Overman, and Dan Quilico.

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