Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Does CC have another rival? Not really.

One of you asked if CC considered any teams, other than Denver, to be rivals. So I asked some players what they thought.

Defenseman Jack Hillen said: "I think you could throw Air Force in there maybe a little bit, because it's always an intense series. It doesn't matter what the records are for CC-Air Force. You know that that's going to be a tough game. For me, I'd say, personally, Minnesota is right up there with Denver because I'm from Minnesota and you have fun playing those types of teams. Rivalries come and go, but right now, I'd pretty much say it's just Denver."

Left wing Bill Sweatt concurred.

"I guess you could say Minnesota because we've got a lot of guys from Minnesota and they want to beat their hometown team," Sweatt said. "They are always big games. DU's the biggest one. Minnesota's up there, too. Wisconsin and North Dakota. Those are just big games."

Was there any truth to the notion that Alaska-Anchorage could be sort of a rival after last season's bench-clearing brawl?

"I don't know what (the melee) was from," Sweatt said. "I think that was just hot-heads in one game. It didn't have anything to do with a rivalry. Over a 40-game season, things are going to happen like that. That's just two teams wanting to compete and battle and win a game."

As far as the other questions, I'm still working on the answers and I will get back to you soon. Keep 'em coming!

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ckj said...

Thanks for the follow up. I appreciate your coverage.