Wednesday, November 7, 2007

For Statistics Lovers

You can access a Google spreadsheet with CC recruits' statistics here. (If anyone knows where AAA major statistics can be found, let me know.) I'll update them as often as I can.

CC "alumni" statistics are here. If I missed somebody, please email me at

I'd been looking for a way to keep tabs on those with Tiger ties, but hadn't considered Google Spreadsheets before. I borrowed this idea from The Capital Times Wisconsin beat writer Todd Milewski's "The Ice House" blog. Thanks, Todd!


ckj said...

Great stuff. I like to see how some of these guys are doing after college and usually check This is nice to have it all in one place.

CCtig said...

Kate I think you know my name pretty well by now and I'm sure you know I too read all that you write, I do try often to post or leave you a comment just to make sure I appreciate all your hard work.

You did not here from me for several days as I was out of state, but back now and ready for more Tiger Hockey! Thanks again Kate!!

Kate Crandall said...

Feel free to chime in with ideas, critiques, etc.! Thanks for reading.

Gort said...

Thank you so much for this. As the owner of the "hockey house" I follow all my past tenants activities and this is a great source of info.