Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Johnson Listed By NHL Central Scouting

Colorado College center Tyler Johnson, 18, is listed among the NHL Central Scouting's NCAA players to watch released today. Denoted as "Limited Viewing," Johnson (2 assists) is on the scouts' radar, but they just haven't seen enough of him to make a judgment call.

Johnson's high school teammate, goaltender Reid Ellingson, who now plays for Northern Michigan, is also on the list as a 'C' goaltender. That's pretty amazing: two players from Cloquet, Minn., a town of 11,500.

Other WCHA players on the list include Wisconsin defenseman Cody Goloubef (1 goal, 4 assists) and Alaska-Anchorage forward Brad McCabe (1 goal, 2 assists).

See the rest of the list here.


Matt said...

Sweatt was also listed under "limited viewing" last year. Although he sat out a lot due to illness, I wonder if playing in Colorado naturally limits a player's exposure to scouts.

gmf1a said...

CC plays lots of high profile schools

I think lack of playing time (Sweatt) and production (Johnson) are the reasons.

We have two Hobie's in the 2000s and a first round draft pick too.

Kate Crandall said...

I've talked to the coaches about this before and they say if a player is good enough, it doesn't matter since the WCHA has so many good players and so many Minnesota schools. But some of the potential recruits I've talked to do think of this as a concern.