Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Lowdown on Sterling

For those of you who have been wondering why former Colorado College standout Brett Sterling, 23, was demoted by the Atlanta Thrashers, part of it might have to do with the pressure of going from the AHL to the NHL and another part of it might be the move from left to right wing. One thing's for sure, Sterling says he is not "feeling sorry" for himself with the Chicago Wolves. Read here. Thanks to Matt for the link.

Also, some of you might follow Air Force hockey a little more closely after the Falcons made the NCAA tournament last season. also wrote a great profile on Eric Ehn, who may have post-Academy hockey aspirations. The article includes some the best quotes from two of the best talkers in the college game (coach Frank Serratore is no. 1 and Ehn is up there). Read here.


Matt said...

What's your favorite Serratore quote? I heard that he was asked why he used 4 goalies last year, and he answered that it was because he didn't have 5.

Kate Crandall said...

Oh, there will be some gems when he picks up one more win and becomes the winningest coach in Air Force history. I'll post my top five then, just because you asked!

CCtig said...

Thank you Kate!