Saturday, November 24, 2007

Game day: No. 4 CC at No. 3 Denver

Three keys to the game:
1. Get Physical
. The Tigers need to assert themselves early by finishing checks and playing the body. It's a small sheet, so the more aggressive CC plays, the more turnovers it can cause.
2. Take the puck wide. CC has been scoring oodles of even-strength goals by taking the puck wide and spreading the defense. No reason that should change tonight.
3. Score first. CC is 7-1 when it scores first, the one loss coming at New Hampshire and I think that lesson has been learned. The Tigers need to start their nine-game road stretch on the right foot.


Colorado College
10 Thauwald--14 Rau--23 Kilpatrick
21 Sweatt--19 Vlassopoulos--16 Patrosso
26 McCulloch--17 Johnson--22 Walsky
28 Schultz--9 McMillin--2 Lampl

8 Hillen--15 Prosser
7 Fredheim--4 Gannon
11 Connelly--27 Wysopal

30 Bachman
31 O'Connell

Scratches: F Mike Testwuide, F Matt Overman, F Addison DeBoer, F Dan Quilico, D Ryan Lowery, G Tyler O'Brien

39 Trotter--21 Bozak--8 Jackson
9 Rakhshani--15 Ruegsegger--22 Gifford
19 Ostrow--12 Martin--16 Maiani
17 Glasser--27 Vossberg--14 May

4 Butler--7 Mullen
24 Ryder--5 Thomas
11 Testwuide--25 Brookwell

29 Mannino
1 Cheverie
30 Guinn


CCtig said...

Kate, do you have any idea or knowledge why Mike Testwuide did not play Saturday at Magness?

Matt said...

More interesting commentary on Brett Sterling over at Hockey's Future (