Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Submit Your Questions

Post or email (kate.crandall@gazette.com) your questions on CC hockey, WCHA hockey or anything hockey-related, and I'll do my best to answer them by Sunday (seems like a good Sunday activity).

(I'm shamelessly ripping off this idea from Shane Frederick, who covers Minnesota State-Mankato for The Free Press in Mankato and hosts the Puckato blog. Check it out, he's doing a great job. Thanks, Shane!)


ckj said...

Kate - I'll throw out a question to you and your readers. Who is the biggest "off the radar" rival for the Tigers. DU is DU. Minn is always big because so many of the players are from there. But is there another team the players really get up for that maybe people don't think of right away?

I ask because when I was a closer to the program (many years ago)it seemed like the players hated Wisconsin and always got up to play them the same way some of the earlier mentioned rivals. For whatever reason the teams did not like eachother and they were always real physical and entertaining games. Wondered if that was still the case or if someone else has taken that spot.

Kate Crandall said...

Just right off the bat, I would say Wisconsin, but also surprisingly enough Alaska-Anchorage...that melee at World Arena last season had been brewing for a few years, as I recall.
I'll have to ask the players, though. Good question.

AFR said...

Kate - I have a question about the alternate jerseys the Tigers wear. Last season, we saw the Tigers wear their alternate jersey a lot. This season, we are yet to see them wear their gold jerseys. Did the Tigers scrap their thrid jersey all together? Are they getting new alternate jerseys or are they keeping their current third jerseys?