Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hall, Dineen help U.S. to 7-6 win over Belarus

CC recruits Tim Hall and Nick Dineen, both tabbed to join the Tigers next fall, each picked up goal and an assist in a come-from-behind 7-6 overtime victory over Belarus in the World Junior A Challenge.

The win pits the U.S. against Canada East in a sell-out game tonight in Nelson, B.C.

Trailing 4-1 in the second period, the U.S. drew within two goals thanks to Hall's power-play goal, assisted by Blake Kessel (New Hampshire commit). Hall picked up an assist on Kessel's 4-on-3 score with two minutes left in the period to cut Belarus' lead to 4-3.

At 4:20 of the third, Belarus ahead 5-3, Dineen scored to keep the U.S. within a goal. Just 24 seconds later, Dineen assisted a game-tying goal by Ben Blood (North Dakota commit).

Read the box score and Hockey Canada's recap here.

Is anyone reading this blog? If so, post a comment (for example, what do you think of CC's incoming recruits? Or, what do you want to see more of on the blog?). I know some of you don't have Google accounts, but you can post a comment without a Google email address.


Matt said...

I read it every day. You cover the Tigers pretty well, so there isn't much point in commenting.

Any idea why Sterling was sent back down to the AHL? Will he still play right wing with the Wolves?

gmf1a said...

I check every day

Great job

hattrick said...

Great job. I added another hit down below on the Prosser line. Getting players comments and interviews helps bring it alive so we know you are getting close to the action at practices and games!

Kate Crandall said...

I'll see if I can get some more on Sterling, but from all that I've read --since he's been with the Thrashers, he's been scratched a number of times. It's my guess they want to get him some minutes with the Wolves, who are tearing things up in the AHL.

P.S. Thanks for reading! I just wasn't sure if anyone was.

dggoddard said...

Even DU fans read the blog. Shhhhh. Don't tell anybody.

ckj said...

Kate - I just found this blog today and it is very informative. I will check it regular basis going forward. Keep up the good work.

A question for you and your readers. What ever happend to Peter Sejna? I saw your note that he is in Europe now, but does anyone have any insight as to why things didn't work out for him with the Blues?

Kate Crandall said...

I don't know why Sejna never stuck with the Blues and it would make a great story or at least an interesting read. I'll work on it.

ckj said...

Thanks - Sejna was such a dominate college player and looked like he was going to be a good pro scoring on Roy and the Avs in his first game. I followed him a little in St Louis and it seemed like they were pretty high on him in the first couple of training camps. And he was there when the Blues were pretty bad and giving some young players a chance - but he never really stuck with the big club.

Then he kind of disappeared. It was always a bit of a mystery to me.

Kevin said...

Love the blog and have told many friends about it. It's easy to track if people are following your site with google analytics. Since you do such a nice job - and with the Tigers playing well - I'm sure you'll see your numbers grow substantially throughout the season.

cc tiger observer said...

Kate, I also posted a comment on the Prosser hit.

Kate Crandall said...

Thanks to everyone who responded today. Your thoughts and comments are very much appreciated and, whether we agree or disagree, it's nice to have some activity on the blog.


Matt said...

Sejna played in Peoria for a number of years with the Blues' AHL affiliate. He seemed to do well there, but never made much of an impact when we was up with the Blues. I saw him play last January and he played well, but he appeared to be a good fit for the AHL, not so exceptional that he deserved to play in the NHL.