Friday, November 2, 2007

Game day: CC at North Dakota

Cody Lampl is questionable for Saturday's game as the result of an injury suffered in Monday's practice. More on this later.


Colorado College
10 Thauwald--14 Rau--23 Kilpatrick
21 Sweatt--19 Vlassopoulos--16 Patrosso
26 McCullcoh--17 Johnson--22 Walsky
5 DeBoer--9 McMillin--28 Schultz

8 Hillen--15 Prosser
7 Fredheim--4 Gannon
11 Connelly--24 Lowery

31 O'Connell
30 Bachman

Scratches: D Brett Wysopal, F Cody Lampl

North Dakota
16 Duncan--29 VandeVelde--7 Oshie
20 Watkins--17 Kaip--21 Frattin
10 Kozek--11 Zajac--14 Miller
19 Trupp--8 Martens--18 Forney

2 Finley--28 Bina
4 Chorney--5 Genoway
6 Jones--3 LaPoint

1 Lamoureux
31 Grieco
30 Walski


gmf1a said...

No Lampl on the line pairings?

Kate Crandall said...

See the second note: