Friday, October 19, 2007

Gameday: CC vs. Minnesota

Three keys to the game:
1. CC must limit turnovers in the neutral zone. Minnesota's transition game becomes lethal when it can create odd-man rushes.
2. The Tigers need to finish their checks and be diligent in their man-to-man to give goaltender Richard Bachman his best chance at a win in his first career start.
3. CC can't take needless penalties. The Gophers' power play is known for its creative movement and deceptive passing--and scoring ability.

Colorado College
10 Thauwald--14 Rau--22 Walsky
21 Sweatt--19 Vlassopoulos--16 Patrosso
26 McCulloch--17 Johnson--2 Lampl
5 DeBoer--9 McMillin--25 Testwuide

8 Hillen--15 Prosser
7 Fredheim--4 Gannon
11 Connelly--27 Wysopal

30 Bachman
31 O'Connell
1 O'Brien

11 Hoeffel--9 Okposo--26 Barriball
13 Gordon--17 Wheeler--22 Flynn
12 Lucia--7 White--14 Bostrom
24 Howe--25 Fisher--19 Kaufmann

5 Peltier--20 Fischer
28 Fairchild--6 Anderson
2 Wehrs--4 Bickel

1 Frazee
33 Kangas
35 Solei

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