Friday, October 26, 2007

Gameday: CC at New Hampshire

1. G Drew O'Connell gets his first start of the season.
2. RW Jimmy Kilpatrick returns to action after an August hip surgery, a full week before scheduled.
3. D Ryan Lowery makes his CC debut.
4. W Addison DeBoer and W Matt Overman are healthy scratches.
5. Sell-out home-opener crowd at the Whittemore Center in Durham, N.H.


Colorado College

10 Thauwald--14 Rau--23 Kilpatrick
21 Sweatt--19 Vlassopoulos--16 Patrosso
26 McCulloch--17 Johnson--22 Walsky
2 Lampl--9 McMillin--25 Testwuide

8 Hillen--15 Prosser
7 Fredheim--4 Gannon
11 Connelly--24 Lowery

31 O'Connell
30 Bachman
1 O'Brien

New Hampshire
21 vanRiemsdyk--22 Radja--39 Fornatero
11 Pollastrone--9 LeBlanc--12 Butler
8 Collins--17 Forney--14 Sislo
15 Dries--23 DeSimone--20 Thompson

4 Switzer--19 Flaishans
2 Fritsch--7 Charlebois
18 Krates--5 Kapstad

32 Regan
29 Foster

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