Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Update on Minnesota's Tom Pohl

Minnesota senior Tom Pohl sustained a skull fracture in Sunday's 3-2 double-overtime win over Minnesota State-Mankato and underwent surgery Monday at St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester, Minn, according to news reports (Minneapolis Star-Tribune here).

On this morning's WCHA Final Five conference call, Gophers coach Don Lucia had an update on Pohl, whom he visited Monday afternoon.

"He was talkative," Lucia said. "The last 24 hours were crucial to make sure there was no more bleeding, and that has not happened. They are hopeful that he might get out of the ICU today. It was a scary situation. We're very thankful to the staff at Minnesota State and how they handled it in a professional manner. It was a very scary situation. ..I don't think there was any ill will on the part of the Mankato player (Jason Wiley). I do think the major cause of injury was because his helmet came off. He was unconscious when he hit the ice."

Pohl could be out of the hospital in three or four days, Lucia said. "He did look good and sound good even though he had just come out of surgery earlier in the day."

Earlier in the call, WCHA commissioner Bruce McLeod indicated that there would not be any supplementary discipline on the part of the league.

"I want to say on behalf of the WCHA that our thoughts and prayers are with Tom and his family," McLeod said. "As for the Minnesota State player, he’s having a very tough time with the situation. He is very concerned about what happened. They lost touch with him for a little while yesterday. He’s been very contrite and feels terrible about the whole situation. We automatically review all major penalties especially DQ's (disqualifications). ...By the tape it seemed there was no maliciousness and that there wasn’t a strong degree of intent there at all. ...It’s a tough situation for everybody, but we hope in the end that Tom will come through in good shape."

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