Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Testwuide Recognized, Schmidt Suspended Indefinitely

--Mike Testwuide was picked as INCH's Player of the Week for his four-goal, five-point weekend against Clarkson.

--Randy Schmidt, the referee who waved off Wisconsin's last-second goal to give Denver a 3-2 win at Magness Arena on Jan. 11, has been suspended indefinitely.

And in case you missed it in today's Gazette, North Dakota coach Dave Hakstol was suspended for two games for his indecent gesture during the second period of last Saturday's game against Minnesota. That means Hakstol will miss the Sioux's series against Denver. The Grand Forks Herald blog has Hakstol's comments about the suspension.


gmf1a said...

Kate from the Tiger Den you said CC needs to just win 4 to clinch the league title.

If 4 wins CC has 39 points
If 6 wins for NoDak they have 41
If 10 wins for DU they have 44

George said...

i was at the saturday du-wisconsin game, and the pioneers certainly paid the price that night for the referee's mistake on friday. no guarantee, though, that the badgers wouldn't have done that anyway. but i really got the impression that the final score (6-2, i think it was) was payback for the loss on friday.
george in greeley

Kate Crandall said...

Thanks for the catch, we have a correction in today's paper.