Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CC's Recruiting Map Continues to Stretch

CC landed a recruit, Scott Winkler, from the Kansas City-based Russell Stover AAA hockey team Wednesday, according to Chris Heisenberg.

I assembled all of the recruits into a chart with their junior teams and their hometowns. CC is steering clear of Minnesota and instead, tapping every resource west of the Mississippi and also Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois, where the Tigers have really established something of a defensive pipeline. If I can figure out how to whip up a Google map, I'll add it on here. Does anyone else find this fascinating?

U.S. Hockey Report on Winkler:
Russell Stover makes those boxes of sticky caramel-filled chocolates your grandmother might keep around, but the Kansas City-based company also sponsors a hockey team. However, only one player on the team is from Kansas. A lot of the pro scouts filtered in to watch 6-foot-2 RC Scott Winkler, who, despite the name, is from Asker, Norway. Winkler, a ’90, has good speed for his size, a nice long stride and agility. He seemed a little perimeter in the game this typist watched, but it wasn’t exactly a physical game to begin with. Anyway, Winkler wants to play college hockey and Maine, CC, Mankato State, and Northern Michigan are just some of the teams who’ve made a point of checking him out.


CCtig said...
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CCtig said...

Oh yeah, I find it very interesting as to why CC is all of a sudden not recruiting Minnesota. Why is this? Any additional info you can provide Kate is appreciated.

On a positive note CC is good at finding jems in non-hockey hot beds. Hope it continues.

gmf1a said...

I am rerally happy about recruiting

I like this quote better
(Being picky - Omaha is East of the Mississippi)

Scott Winkler- Russell Stover - The best forward I saw play. Makes something happen every time he is on the ice. Punishing checker and can make something out of nothing offensively. Very good individual skills and can get a quick shot off from anywhere.

Link is here

gmf1a said...
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Matt said...

Colten St. Clair is mentioned prominently in USA Today:

George said...

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