Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Close calls with skates

For today's Gazette, I interviewed CC players and trainer Jason Bushie about the injury to Florida Panthers forward Richard Zednik.

YourHub editor Tim Bergsten, who covered the Tigers during the 1998-99 season, recalled a near-Zednik injury that happened in 1998.

Here's what he wrote on Nov. 1, 1998:
COOL COSTUME: Freshman defenseman Mike Stuart wore the scariest Halloween costume - a real slashed throat, practically ear-to-ear.
Stuart was cut by a skate in the second period and received 13 stitches.
"Somebody did a good number on him," team trainer Richard Quincy said. "It didn't have to be much deeper to be a real serious problem."
Fortunately, the skate blade didn't cut him deeply. Stuart is expected to skate Monday.

Mike Stuart now plays in Austria.

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