Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday Q&A

ZamboniDriver asks:
After admitting its mistake in the Friday DU-Wisconsin game, did the WCHA even consider playing the overtime period that should have been played--before the start of the Saturday DU-UW game?

My answer:
According to the excellent reporting of my colleagues in Madison--The Capital Times' Todd Milewski and the Wisconsin State Journal's Andy Baggot--it does not appear that the WCHA seriously considered playing an overtime before the start of Saturday's game.
In his blog, Milewski wrote that WCHA commissioner Bruce McLeod "sounded concerned about setting a precedent that could be used by St. Cloud State officials, who were the victims of (referee Randy) Schmidt's error earlier this season."
Wisconsin has filed an appeal to the WCHA in hopes of recovering a point for the tie that should have been. If the appeal is successful, Denver's record would not be altered, Baggot wrote today, adding that McLeod did not expect that the ruling would be overturned.
If you missed it, a last-second goal by Wisconsin's Matthew Ford was disallowed by Schmidt, giving Denver a 3-2 win last Friday.

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