Saturday, January 26, 2008

Game day: No.3 CC vs. Michigan Tech

As you all know, being from North Carolina, I love to borrow basketball terminology ...
So here goes: the No. 1 key for the Tigers tonight is their ability to take the puck to the paint and be the first to 50-50 pucks, like rebounds. Stephen Schultz's goal Friday came when the puck bounced off of a Michigan Tech defenseman's shin pad. Mike Testwuide's game-tying goal came on a deflection in the crease. CC needs to create more of those opportunities tonight.

Colorado College
10 Thauwald--14 Rau--23 Kilpatrick
21 Sweatt--19 Vlassopoulos--25 Testwuide
5 DeBoer--22 Walsky--28 Schultz
28 Overman--17 Johnson--9 McMillin

8 Hillen--15 Prosser
7 Fredheim--4 Gannon
11 Connelly--24 Lowery

30 Bachman
31 O'Connell

Michigan Tech
9 Gwilliam--14 Rouleau--23 Shelast
11 Foote--16 Royer--19 Kerr
28 Kitti--13 Angelow--21 Bunger
22 Baker--18 Gagne--25 Kivisto

12 Kinrade--10 Schwarz
4 Malekoff--5 Dobson
26 Cousens--8 VanWagner

37 Nolan
29 Teslak
33 Hachey

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